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Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS # 1475440



A resident of the Greater Tampa Bay area for all his life.  Morgan Gall brings 19 years of sales experience providing clients the highest quality customer service possible.  Morgan credits his success to delivering quick responses to all communications, setting accurate expectations up-front, and educating all participants in the loan transaction without the entire mortgage process.  Morgan is committed to providing the highest level of personalized customer service in order to maintain peace of mind for each of his customers.  

Morgan takes a consultative approach to mortgage lending, appreciating that each home buyer is unique with different financing goals.  With in house processing and a wide variety of mortgage products, Morgan can customize a loan to best meet the needs of each individual.  His team's goal is to simplify the mortgage process and ensure that all customer questions are answered and they close on time.  Morgans clients receive trusted, fast approvals and control over the financing process.

Morgan and his team look forward to serving you and your client's needs.


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